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16th - November Club Meeting Phantom Winger Preston
2nd - December Club Christmas Meal Phantom Winger, Preston
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New Lancs Buggies New Lancs Club pitch New Lancs Buggies New Lancs Club pitch
Run by a team of dedicated volunteers since 1993, we aim to provide an informal environment for VW enthusiasts from all backgrounds to meet, socialise, get good advice and make great friends.
We have members ranging from age 7 to 70 !
We have our own club meetings once a month and we also get together at VW shows, local Classic Car shows
(for the classic VW's) and also at our own locally organised events.
Most of our members live in Lancashire, but we also have club members in Merseyside, Manchester, Cumbria, Cheshire and Scotland.
Please feel free to contact us or drop in and meet us at one of our club meetings - see the Meetings page for details. Kits, Buggies, Specials, Aircooled, Watercooled, Scrapheap Challenge, New, old, Classics, Concours and Wrecks ! We'll take anything with a VW badge, engine or mechanicals !
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