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New Lancs VW Club Rules

The club hold no responsibility for you and your vehicle while participating in any club activities. You take part in the activities at your own risk.


Although some of these rules may appear to be heavy handed or bureaucratic, they are there to safeguard the continued smooth running of the club to the benefit of all its members, and to ensure that every club member can have some input to the way the club is run. In practice we very rarely need to refer to the rules, (they are to help to give some structure to the club). Day to day we prefer to keep it informal, laid back and above all FUN for everyone.
When contacting committee members please remember that the time given is their own spare time and we do the job voluntarily. Please give consideration that most committee members have full time jobs when you are trying to contact them regarding a query. However, please feel free to phone anyone of the committee with your issues or questions etc, but it would be gratefully appreciated if calls were kept between 7pm and 9pm especially on weekdays.