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2022 Events

This is a list of the main classic VW shows and events for 2022 This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are many more not listed. Please use this list as a guide only and visit the shows website for further information to confirm dates, location and ticket info. Some of the shows and events we will be attending as a club and further information about these will be circulated in future newsletters and at club meetings. We might also be arranging some club camping trips this year, the dates and venues for these will discussed at the club meetings and the information will be updated here as soon as they are confirmed.
You can automatically add these events into your calendar by clicking on this button The New Lancs events in ical2 form. If you download the events don't forget to come back and check for updates by downloading them again, if you subscribe to the link instead you will automatically get the updates. Rather than downloading all events you can click on the the download button for individual events instead.