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Q - How do I join the club ?
A - Just come along to one of our club meetings and join there and then or see us at one of the VW events that we attend over the Summer months. See our Meetings/Events page for info on the next meeting if you want to join in person, at the next meeting, or read through the join us page for more information and how to download the membership form.
Q - How much does it cost ?
A - £12 for the first year, then £10 per year after that.
Q - When and where is your next club meeting ?
A - Click here to see all the meeting information. Meetings start 7.30 pm for 8.
Q - Do you know anybody who might like to buy my VW / parts ?
A - See below - we will do our best to advertise it to our members, especially if it is within , or close to our catchment area.
Q - Can I advertise my car or parts in your newsletter ?
A - If you are a New Lancs Club member just email or post your advert in and remember to include your membership number - we will advertise it for free in the next available issue, and will forward it to everybody on our club email list. If you are not a member of New Lancs VW Club and you have a car or parts to sell then send the advert in and we will try to print it if space permits in the next issue of the newsletter. We can't guarantee that it will go in, but if you keep it short and to the point then there's a pretty good chance. NOTE * - Make sure you provide a telephone number for people to respond to your advert - not everyone has email. Everyone can advertise for free on our forum
Q - Do you cover watercooled as well as aircooled Volkswagens ?
A - Yes, all you need is an interest in anything carrying a VW badge as far as the club is concerned. VW based kits, buggies and specials are also welcome. Your VW can be in any state from "Scrapheap Challenge" to "Concourse Winner" All we ask is that you come along, get involved and enjoy yourself. We aim to be a club for people who happen to enjoy their cars, rather than a club for cars that come with owners attached. However some shows that the club attends may not be willing to accept some cars - e.g. a latest model golf at a classic car show. However, this is out of our control - so please use your own common sense.
Q - What age range are your members ?
A - All ages, we have a membership range from 17 to 70.
Q - Can you recommend any local garages or VW specialists ?
A - Only on a personal level, if you come along to a club meeting have a chat to several other club members - everyone has their own favourite garage.
Q - How many members do you have ?
A - At the moment approx 85. Can you give me an insurance valuation on my VW ? - Sorry, we cannot give written valuations for insurance purposes, though we can advise you to a VW specialist who can.
Q - How do I contact the club ?
A - Just click here for info.