Self Inflating Mattress

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Self Inflating Mattress

Postby davidcave » Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:29 pm


Looking to replace my airbeds which keep deflating. I keep seeing people mentioning sims and I am quite interested in changing to one of these.
There seems to be quite a few to choose from and quite a difference in price so I could do with a little help pointing in the direction of some decent ones to look at.
The Exped ones seem to get superb reviews but at a cost and when I have had a look at the website, they say you shouldn't keep it rolled up once home and leave it flat (under a bed for example) thats not really an option for me.
I am also not sure if its best to go for a double for me and the mrs or two singles, I would just be a little concerned that they separate as we have a double sleeping bag.


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